Step 4: Review & Finalize Business Plan & Financial Projection info

A:  Local SBDC Expert Staff Review & Assistance

  • At this stage, the Local SBDC staff is brought in for an Expert Review of your Business Plan & to assist in finalizing Financial Projections with you. 

  • This is a critical step, as the Local SBDC staff will have additional contacts within the local Lending Community and be aware of all local trends, opportunities, and challenges.

B:  Optional:  Capital Access Center Underwriting Simulations & "Ask a Banker" questions

  • This is for when Steps 1, 2, 3 have been completed and you are either in or have completed step 4A (regardless of whether or not you worked with the Kansas SBDC to get to this point)

  • At least one of the following applies:

    • The loan is in excess of $1m and/or utilizing SBA 504 Loan Program

    • Complex Deal Structures where help is needed to find Financing Partners and to better understand the "participation" of multiple financial partners and/or the SBA Guarantee Program & Fees

    • You have an "Ask a Banker" type question that you would feel more comfortable asking a "confidential advisor" instead of the actual Lender that you might be utilizing.  No question is a bad question here, we won't judge you on the type of question - we are here to help answer all your financing questions - no matter how trivial or silly you think they may be.

Step 5: Borrower Begins Meeting/Providing Info to Lenders     |     (620) 235-4921