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Today’s competitive environment requires small businesses to periodically revisit their marketing strategy in order to be successful. For Kansas SBDC business clients, we help simplify "all things marketing," including creative ways to market your business and how to market on a limited budget. We make it manageable for businesses to evaluate their advertising, promotion, and sales effort.

  • Strategy: Your Kansas SBDC Advisor can work with you to better understand a straightforward Marketing Strategy for your business (including how to position yourself vs competition thru pricing, promotions, distribution, marketing materials, etc).  

  • Online Marketing (Websites & Social Media like Facebook, etc).  As COVID showed, businesses need an online presence now more than ever.  For businesses needing some extra help in this area, our 7 day per week Assistance Center (800)949-7661 can help you understand (& possibly help set-up) your website & social media page options. 

  • Exporting: Many times overlooked or not fully understood, Exporting can prove to be a worthwhile marketing/sales effort for many businesses. There are special Grant/Funding Programs available to assist Exporters.  Your Kansas SBDC Advisor can work with you to better understand if this might make sense for your particular situation.

  • Classroom Projects: Additionally, from time to time, the Kansas SBDC working with our College/University Host Institutions have opportunities for Class Projects where college student teams evaluate & make suggestions for your business.  These student projects will typically run throughout the semester and can cover many different topics (typically Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Advertising, etc), if your timing can match up with the semester requirements this could be very beneficial for everyone. 

Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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