(2020 & New 2021 versions)

SBA Forgivable loan made through local banks to help businesses keep their workforce employed during COVID-19. Allows for “First Draw” PPP Forgivable Loans for first time borrowers as well as “Second Draw” PPP Forgivable Loans for businesses that received a PPP Loan previously.

Timing:  Program ends when allocated money runs out or no later than March 31, 2021

Eligibility for "Second Draw": In business, as of February 15, 2020, with 300 or less employees for “Second Draw” and that can show a year over year loss of revenue of 25% or more during a Quarter (3 month period) in 2020 versus that same Quarter in 2019. (not all businesses that qualified in 2020 will qualify for this 2nd round “Second Draw” in 2021). Eligibility for “First Draw” businesses that didn’t do a PPP loan in 2020 roughly matches the same rules as the original one in 2020 (500 or less Employees, etc. and uses 2019 for Payroll basis)

Loan Amount:  2.5 times average monthly payroll (3.5 times average monthly payroll for Restaurant and Hospitality Businesses in the 72 NAICS code for “Food Services and Accommodation”).  Forgivable amounts must have at least 60% of expenses for Payroll.  2021 PPP 2.0 does not deduct out EIDL Advance $’s received from the Forgivable amount like the 2020 PPP program version did.

PPP 2021 SBA Overall Guidance (Jan 2021): Click here  

PPP 2021 “Second Draw” SBA Interim Rule Guidance (Jan 2021): Click here

PPP 2021 SBA Presentation & FAQ: Click here (First video under "COVID: Special Grants, Loans & Topics")

PPP 2021 Borrower Application: Click here

PPP Original 2020 version Program & Forgiveness Information


(new 2021 info)

(new 2021 info)

Loan Program via the SBA directly (not through a Bank) with a 30-year fixed-term. While the EIDL Loan remains available to all, the 2020 $10k forgivable Advance portion is only opening back up for low income communities as the “2021 Targeted EIDL Advance”.  The “2021 Targeted EIDL Advance” is not open for new applications, as the SBA will directly contact those that are eligible.  For a step by step walkthrough of how to apply for the EIDL Loan, with EIDL application screenshots, please visit Kansas SBDC Video Training Library and click on the "COVID" category, and then select the "4/2/20 Disaster Loan Training" video.
Apply for EIDL

  • 2021 Targeted EIDL Advance Benefit:  Eligible businesses that applied for, but did not receive the full $10k Advance in 2020, will receive the additional $ amount they were short of the $10k Advance. (Example:  Business A received $3k of the $10k Advance in 2020, Business A will now be eligible to receive the additional $7k in 2021). 

    • Targeted EIDL Advance Eligibility:  Businesses must be located in low income communities AND must be able to show more than 30% reduction in revenue during an 8-week period beginning on March 2, 2020, or later.

    • SBA will reach out to those who qualify via an email ending in “” by early February 2021 with additional questions to ensure you qualify.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING until you are contacted by SBA, the SBA already has the information on those eligible to be contacted.  SCAM ALERT:  Do not send any sensitive info via email to any address that does not end in


(up to $25k fast)

Up to $25k loan through existing bank relationship with SBA participating lender. Primary use is working capital while you await long-term financing (usually paired with EIDL when $$'s are needed quicker).


(FREE SBA Loan Payments!)

Speak to your SBA Lender about this now to ensure you get this benefit and direct payments aren’t/weren't being taken out of your bank account during this time.  

2020 Program:  If you had, by Sept 27, 2020, an SBA 7(a), 504, or Microloan, the SBA will make the next 6 months of payments for you (you do not have to pay those 6 months back).

2021 Program: Existing SBA Debt Relief Program loans from the 2020 program get an additional 3 months of FREE payments (capped at $9k per month per borrower) made on your behalf and possibly 5 more additional months if Business Loan meets certain additional criteria.  Additional 5 months in addition to the 3 months extension eligibility: SBA MicroLoans; Community Advantage 7a Loans; Hardest Hit Sectors represented by “Food Service & Accommodation”, “Arts, Entertainment and Recreation”, “Education”, “Laundry and Personal Care services”.  

2021 Program:  NEW SBA Loans approved between Feb 1, 2021 and Sept 30, 2021 (includes SBA 7(a), 504, or Microloan), the SBA will make the next 6 months of payments for you (up to $9k per month & you do not have to pay those 6 months back)

  • Please Note:  originally announced in Dec 2020, this 2021 program was going to provide 6 months of Free Payments, but on Feb 16, 2021 the SBA announced it was only going to have funds to provide 3 months vs the 6 months previously announced.  Here is the link to the SBA announcing the change on Feb 16

Helpful Flowchart showing the 2020 & 2021 Programs


(Movie Theaters, etc)

Emergency assistance for eligible venues affected by the COVID pandemic, signed into law on December 27,2020.  Applications have not been opened up yet.

Eligibility: Venue or promoter must not have received a 2021 PPP loan on or after December 27,2020

Loan Amount:

  • In operation as of January 1, 2019, lesser of an amount equal to 45% of their 2019 gross earned revenue of $10 million

  • In operation after January 1 , 2019, lesser of the average monthly gross revenue for each full month opened during 2019 multiplied by 6 or $10 million

Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Presentation: Click here

Applications process is still tbd, we will update when known.

Good prep Checklist for when applying



EXISTING LOANS:  Talk to your lender about loan modifications available due to the Coronavirus. Many banks are making no-cost modifications available if you ask (Ex: Interest-only payments for a few months, months of payments pushed off to the end of the loan, etc.). Your Lender does not want to see you go out of business, contact them now!

​LOCAL SUPPORT: Check with your local town/county for additional programs they may offer.

NAACP Black Entrepreneur Grants (various $10k+ Grants for Black Owned Businesses)


(Pandemic Unemployment $'s)

2021 Extension Provides up to $300 per week thru March 14, 2021 for an extended 50 weeks of benefits (vs $600 for 39 weeks during 2020) to the traditionally non-eligible self-employed (Sole Proprietors/ Independent Contractors, Gig Workers, etc). Kansans may file for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) (apply here). More Info about the program can be found here.


(up to $14k per employee)

IRS Program that didn't get much press for 2020 version because it wasn't combinable with those who took a PPP Loan.  You can claim up to 70% of total compensation expense per employee up to $7k per employee per Qtr. for 1Q and 2Q 2021, if you can show a 20% reduction in Revenue for a Quarter (PLUS they have made it retroactive to 4Q2020 at 50% of total compensation expense for up to $5k per employee for 2020).  Work with your CPA.  (you can't double count the same paycheck expense that you claim for the PPP Loan, but with some planning you can get incremental benefit vs just PPP alone).

  • Good Overview article here

  • IRS  Program Overview Press Release here

(Sick Leave/Child Care Leave)

"Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration."


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